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Florence between 1400 and 1500

The term Renaissance was used by Vasari in "Lives", to identify precisely the rebirth of the arts that in Italy were developing from the beginning of the XV century.
It consists of the new cultural vision, in the renewal of art and thought, which was founded in 1400 and making use in a first phase of the issues formed within all'Umanesimo (Humanism) and then fully defined in the first half of the'500.
Florence is the centre of the Renaissance humanism: the art is no longer  a manual job but an intellectual one. Consequence of humanism is a new conception of art that leads to a new relationship man-nature. The art of the fifteenth century, therefore, will be based on a new way of representing space: the prospect.

Painting and sculpture are now completely autonomous express the search for harmony and balance between the various components.
The greatest artists of Florence's Renaissance were Brunelleschi and Donatello, but in Florence at the time lived and worked other artists, like Ghirlandaio, Verrocchio, Masaccio, Cellini and Vasari. Outstanding artists, not less important than the most famous ones. We dedicated our rooms to these artists, and for this reason we put a short history of their lives, to reach them, just click on the pictures at the bottom of the page. 1500 immediately leads to the creative genius of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael. Without doubt, thanks to the presence of these three dominant figure, landscape and historical art, the 1500 remains in the collective, as a kind of sublime heights but with a decline, with the artists who repeated forms.
Critical thinking contemporary subsequently widely reassessed Mannerism.
The art is divided'500 then, into two major periods: one covering the first thirty years, which reached the height of the Renaissance with early signs of Mannerism, and one that includes the following decades characterized, not mere imitation of the great masters, but from the birth and evolution of a particular language called Mannerism, the same art itself becomes restless search for a balance and a harmony now lost.
Most important are: Beccafumi, Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino.

Ghirlandaio Donatello Masaccio Leonardo Michelangelo

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