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Quadruple Room BnB - La Signoria di Firenze
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The Masaccio suite, of 45 square meters, is designed to accommodate up to a...
Max. persons
The room
The Masaccio suite, of 45 square meters, is designed to accommodate up to a maximum of five people, ideal for small groups of friends or a family. Thanks to the large spaces, it is possible to maintain the right privacy between guests inside the room. The view is on Via Calimaruzza, one of the oldest streets in the city. It is finished with wooden floors, narcissus colored walls and decorated coffered ceilings that make it even more suggestive. The furnishings made by artisans are designed to maintain the style of the Florentine tradition without losing sight of modern needs. Completely soundproofed, it features a King Size bed, a sofa bed and a study corner. It also has a large wardrobe and a spacious bathroom with shower.
The origins of the name
Masaccio, nickname of Tommaso di ser Giovanni di Mone Cassai (Castel San Giovanni in Altura, 1401 - Rome, 1428). He was an Italian painter. He was one of the initiators of the Renaissance in Florence, renewing the painting according to a new rigorous vision, which rejected the decorative excesses and the artificiality of the then dominant style, the international Gothic. Starting from Giotto's volumetric synthesis, reinterpreted through Brunelleschi's perspective construction and the plastic strength of Donatell's statuary, he inserted his "very lively figures with beautiful readiness and the similitude of truth" (cit. Vasari) in credible architecture and landscapes, modeling them through the use of chiaroscuro. To find out more, visit the website: Wikipedia
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